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Travel Re-Imagined

Travel Re-Imagined

Crafty Getaways was founded in November 2020. 

Although we are a new company, all of our travel designers and co-owners have been in the industry for over a decade. 

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the travel industry so severely which caused us all to lose our jobs at a large travel company. 

The company we were with couldn't afford to keep all of us and closed the stores we were dedicated to for many years.

This is when Crafty Getaways was founded by Sam Yaffe, Brent Savin and Megan Rizzo. 

At Crafty Getaways there is nothing more important to us than....

Our People. Our Customers. Our Partners.

Our People. Our Customers. Our Partners.

We are your:

  • Experience

  • Advocate

  • Resources

  • Convenience

  • Relationships

  • Save Money

  • Added Value

  • Exclusive Access

WE ARE AWESOME! We are some of the most well-rounded, funny, personable and knowledgeable people you'll meet. We come from more backgrounds than you can even count -- we have been professors, hotel owners, tour guides, bus drivers. We all have one thing in common: We are passionate about sharing the world with you. Take advantage of our services.



Connect with the right Travel Designer that suits you best. We have Europe Experts, Caribbean Experts, Family Vacation Experts, All things Disney Experts, Exotic Destination Experts, cruise experts and more.