Our Travel Designers understand the post COVID-19 landscape and will be your advocate no matter what. Remember we do not charge fees and we will be here for you every step of the way. We can connect with you virtually, via phone, via email, and in our store location. Make an appointment today with one of our Unique Travel Designers.

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Meet the owners

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Sam Yaffe

Having worked in the travel industry for 15+ years, my passion for travel is second to none. I love exploring and learning about different countries, cultures, and food. Being a consultant allows me to create memories for my customers and help them cross off the bucket list destinations of their dreams. My favorite country is Italy. The history, culture, and of course food makes me want to go back time after time. To travel is to live and to live is to travel.

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Megan Rizzo

I have been designing travel for customers for over 12+ years. I am a busy mom with 3 kids. I love travelling on family vacations with them. We love Disney and cruises such as Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas. Even though the pandemic halted travel I always stood by my customers. I am excited for what the future brings. I can't wait to help you design your future vacations and make your visions of travel come true.

"Travel  opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell." - Paula Bendfeldt

Let my team and I help you re-imagine travel today.

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Brent Savin

Having been in the Travel Industry for the last 8+ years I have learned a lot and seen a lot. Since Covid-19 began we all wondered where this would take us and now I see. I am in an Industry that I love and want to see it return. For everyone out there I want to see you go on your family getaways, your honeymoons, or even your spur of the moment trips. We all feel travel will be back but in what capacity no one knows. So take the plunge and lets Re-Imagine travel together. 

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Crafty Getaways
Travel Designers


Michaela Ferenz

Travel Designer / Director of Sales

I have been crafting travel experiences for over 10 years but I have been exploring the world since I was a child.  I was fortunate enough to go on international and domestic vacations with my family and it was in high school that I found my love for travel and seeing first hand other cultures.  I have been lucky enough to have visited over 45 countries.  I specialize in those more exotic destinations, those once in a life time experiences.  However, whether your next vacation is to Riviera Maya, London, or Bali, my best advice for traveling is to go in with an open mind.  The world is a huge place and not everyone will have your same beliefs, cultures and rituals.  But I think that’s the best part of travelling and seeing the world.  “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”-anonymous.  Contact me for all your travel needs and my love, knowledge and expertise will get you and your traveling companions the best vacation possible.   

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Kimberly Gannon

Travel Designer

From age 11, when I first stepped on an airplane for the first time, I knew that travel was something I needed to experience;   it is an infinite way of learning and discovering. Exploring new places, visiting some old favorites and helping others do the same is what I love.  I have been to 5 countries in Europe and several places in the US,  I also love all things Disney, having been to Disney World over 20 x’s, Disneyland twice. I would also someday love to see Disneyland Paris and Shanghai. Having worked in the travel industry for 25 years,  it would be my pleasure to help you plan your next vacation

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Ann Mogil

Travel Designer

From a young age I’ve traveled to several states in the U.S, but I always wanted to venture more. At the age of 19 I went to Cancun Mexico, and fell in love with the culture and the beautiful beaches. At the age of 20, I went to London for the 2012 summer Olympics for two weeks and it was the best experience I’ve ever had. With the rich history and so much to do and see. From there I knew I wanted to travel more, to see all the beautiful places in the world, all the cultures, all the history. Though I am new to the travel industry, I feel that I found my true calling. I want to help make your vacation special and memorable no matter what the occasion is. To help create happiness and dreams come true is something special and close to my heart. Contact me for all your travel needs from small to big!

Independent Travel Designers

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Tracy Young

Travel Designer

Designing travel to fit your dream is what I enjoy most about my job.  I  create happiness and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  I specialize in travel to Europe, USA and the Caribbean. I will work hard to find exactly what you are looking for to guarantee a memorable time.  My favorite destination is Ireland! I have used every type of transportation on the Emerald Isle there is!  If it is the best beach, Turks and Caicos has the softest sand and the water is like a spa!  Email me today to start your dream getaway!

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Laura Marks

Travel Designer

I have over 20 years in the travel industry. Multiple specialization for domestic, international, cruise, and tour operator travel. Group travel, and destination weddings are also my specialty. I have been to 20 different countries, and continue to make “Marks on the map” I started at large Travel Company with no travel experience, having only been on a plane once in my life, at 12 years old. I worked my way up from an agent with no experience, to an Assistant Team leader, to Team Leader, to a Regional Leader. 

My hobbies……… aside from travel, I love music, hiking, and photography


Lisa Ferucci

Travel Designer

Growing up , I was lucky enough to begin traveling at an early age . It opened my eyes to many different cultures and experiences.  I continued traveling in my adult years and have always enjoyed organizing vacations.  Once I found my place in the travel industry over 9 years ago,  I felt I finally found my dream job.  Throughout the years I was able to create magical experiences for customers and build great relationships with travel partners.  Once I became a mom, I was determined to share my love of travel with my sons. Together we have gone on many adventures and created special memories. I love being able to travel the world with them as well gain new knowledge to pass on to my clients.  I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to share my love of travel and knowledge with all of you and look forward to connecting with you


Brittany Migliaccio

Travel Designer

My passion for travel all began back in 2016; I was starting out my career in tourism and was eager to get out there myself. I had never been out of the country, never even been on a plane, yet I found myself sitting alone on a Delta flight to the Dominican Republic to attend a conference at the Hard Rock. I was nervous, excited, confident, yet shy all at the same time, and my life changed forever that day. I fell head over heels in love with traveling and I knew I had to help others experience this same feeling for themselves. Traveling gives you freedoms and self explorations you never even thought about. This is why I do what I do! I have been to 16 countries since, all over the States, and am still adding to my list! I specialize in Hawaii, Iceland, Italy, the Caribbean, and Mexico. I look forward to creating a long lasting relationship with all of my clients because having the ability to share my passion really makes me feel complete! I love that I get to help others experience all this beautiful world has to offer. 

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Pete Ferenz

Travel Designer

I have been in the travel industry for over 10 plus years and have traveled to over 50 countries.  My expertise includes everything from European trips, tours, and river cruises to all inclusive trips around the Caribbean and Mexico.  I love the exotic destinations but have also traveled to the Caribbean and Mexico over 15 times and have personal experienced over 50 resorts.  I have so many favorite destinations.  Some of them are Italy, Ireland, Egypt, Jordan, Hungary, Cambodia, Peru, and Morocco.   Travel will allow you to find out who you are as a person.  For me I love everything each destination has to offer such as their food, history, and culture.  I have a passion for travel that exceeds most and have the expertise to help you plan the perfect getaway.  

Susan Byrne

Travel Designer

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Courtney Walsh

Travel Designer

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Vlad Kalman

Travel Designer

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Sabrina Scott

Travel Designer

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